When you see a picture of someone and it immediately rekindles all of the feelings that you had

I helped kill your friend how do you know I’m not gonna kill another one?

Matthew Lewis photographed by Leigh Keily for JON Magazine. x


so i found my old vcd-copy of harry potter and the chamber of secrets and… i don’t know what’s more entertaining, the movie or the subtitles.


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Countdown to Season 4 - Week Four: Favorite Overall Death


Teammates of Ryan O’Reilly react to his new 2-year deal.

so there was this woman today who wanted boyfriend crop jeans

so i showed her the ones i know we had which we only had two pairs and she was like so youre telling me you only have two pairs? and i was like in this brand, yes, i could get another associate that might know if we have more

and she just rolled her eyes and walked away

i wanted to fucking murder her. LIKE WOW I HOPE KARMA BITES YOU IN THE ASS BITCH.

Today, today has been a hard day.

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